About Us

JSOutfitter LLC originated in Nelson, WI building and selling Custom Ice Rods. The vision at that time was to put a quality product in the hands of consumers that was affordable. The vision has now expanded into open water custom rods and products that remain affordable for consumers. We keep adding products to our lineup daily with the focus in mind that they are affordable and they do not sacrifice quality. 


What does the roots comment mean? Where does that come from?

Roots - Every once in a while we get asked the two questions above. Our roots can be found everywhere and we can take our roots everywhere we go whether it be fishing, hunting, hiking, or organized sports settings. When we are not working you can find us with family doing any one of the things mentioned above. We also know how to get back to our Roots when we get caught up in life!

So, Where do your roots take you? Tell us on Facebook or Instagram and we might just utilize your story here on our page!


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jsoutfitter/