Get-A-Grip Baitcaster Reel Handle Grips

Get-A-Grip Baitcaster Reel Handle Grips

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Get-A-Grip reel handle grips are the latest fishing tackle accessory that gives more to your reels. The comfort and grip are unmatched due to the soft rubber composite they are made out of. They easily slide over the original handles making this a very efficient upgrade to your reel. Stay on that reel handle next time when you are reeling in that trophy. Give these a try and understand why pros and anglers everywhere are going to Get-A-Grip to gain a competitive advantage tournament and every day fishing. 

*Slip resistant, even during the most vicious strikes!
*Less hand fatigue with crank baits
*More control to your reel
*Added sensitivity
*Excellent in damp weather

Each pack contains a total of two grips.

The Reel Grip Pro Series enhances the range of feel with a 20% smaller inside diameter. The Pro Series will also better fit reels with larger grips like the Shimano Chronarch, Shimano Calais and most spinning reels.